Job: KCOM - Director of Simulation and Performance Assessment

This posting has expired and is no longer available.

Job Description

This position will promote and coordinate the use of technology from both programs. The director will ensure maximum and effective use of equipment and new resources. He/she will interact with and be involved in the use of technology ranging from standardized patient interviews to high fidelity simulators. The position is responsible for collaborating in the design, development, implementation and assessment of individual curriculum. The director will be responsible for identifying opportunities for improvement and innovation, and developing and coordinating research projects pertaining to simulation training in the centers. The director must provide the leadership required to ensure services are delivered within the scope, time, quality, and educational impact of the expectations. The director promotes the interests of the center in professional and community forums.

This position is responsible for coordinating with the associate dean for curriculum and faculty in the program, courses, class scheduling and maintain records for assessment purposes. The director will make recommendations for budget and the purchase of equipment, supplies, and materials. He/she is responsible for assuring all equipment is maintained and in good working order. He/she will participate in product specific training and maintaining the technical expertise required to effectively manage the centers and facilitate its use. He/she may be required to represent KCOM at different organizational meetings at the local, state and national level. He/she will also work on development of interprofessional activities for the Missouri campus with MOSDOH and KCOM involving SPs and simulators. He/she will also work development of IPE community activities. The director will crease community linkages and training programs that will expand the use of the HPS program. The director will also work with the office of Continuing Medical Education to promote development of innovative courses.

Skills / Requirements

College plus postgraduate studies in education and technology * Excellent training and or teaching skills: excellent verbal and written communication skills; detail-oriented; collabortive problem solving skills; planning and organizational skills; excellent computer skills.

Important Notes

Lead, design, development and delivery of clinical simulation initiatives at KCOM
Collaborate with various stakeholders to develop course content to meet the needs of KCOM
Conceptualize and develop new courses, scenarios for students
Develop strategies to enhance the HPS/SP programs
Oversee management of Disaster Preparedness elective course
Oversee and manage performance assessment activities
Serve as a link to community activities and CE development in the use of human simulators and SP activities.