Job Description

1. Assist the DDE and Chair in development, content, implementation, and evaluation of the curriculum for programs within the PA Department.
2. Provide guidance and direction to department staff and faculty involved in the coordination and instruction of the curriculum.
3. Teach, evaluate, and counsel students.
4. Provide liaison with appropriate offices and departments involved in medical allied health education with external agencies useful to didactic instructions.
5. Assist the DDE and Chair with budget planning and problem solving activities related to the implementation of programs within the PA Department.
6. Assist with preparation of grants, reports, and self-studies related to funding and accreditation.
7. Write, edit, review, and approve learning objectives and test items.
8. Secure, orient, and evaluate adjunct faculty.
9. Provide feedback to instructors to help them improve teaching skills.
10. Assist with preparation of handout materials, audiovisual aids, and any other assistance needed by instructors.
11. Monitor student progress with assistance from instructors; serve as a primary academic advisor for a cohort of students.
12 . Assist DDE and Chair in evaluating teaching and learning effectiveness of curriculum.
13. Review educational literature and learning media to keep faculty abreast of new teaching/learning strategies.
14. . Counsel students with serious academic and personal problems, refer ring them to appropriate personnel as needed.
15. Assist in reviewing application, interviewing and selecting candidates for programs within the PA Department.
16. Attend scheduled faculty and staff meetings and provide progress report s on program activity within the PA Department.
17. Counsel prospective students about programs within the PA Department requirements and participate in other recruitment and marketing activities.
18. Assist department by providing ongoing editing of informational materials related to programs within the PA Department.
19. Assist the DDE and Chair in maintaining ongoing progress for evaluating and reporting teaching/learning effectiveness of the curriculum to be incorporated in the ongoing self -study.
20. Interact with key external organizations to enhance the role of programs within the PA Department.
21. Other duties as assigned by department chair.

Skills / Requirements

  • Knowledge of PA practice competencies
  • Strong ability to develop and deliver medical course instruction
  • At least 2 years of health care experience
  • At least 1 year of educational experience preferred