Job Description

Position Summary:

  1. This position is for an innovative and dedicated individual to work closely with the Director and Program faculty to administer and teach in all aspects of the Doctor of Medical Science (DMS) Program.
  2. The individual will work closely Program Director and with a dynamic and diverse faculty to develop and implement the program's strategic plan and access and document educational outcomes to ensure ongoing program success.
  3. This is a full-time position with salary, rank, and competitive benefits commensurate with experience and qualifications.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Be knowledgeable about and have responsibility for the program's
    1. Organization
    2. Administration
    3. Fiscal management
    4. Continuous review and analysis
    5. Planning, and
    6. Marketing.
  2. Development, content, implementation, and evaluation of the DMS curriculum.
  3. Teach 9 credits per year.
  4. Evaluate, and counsel DMS students.
  5. Counsel DMS students with academic and personal problems, referring them to appropriate personnel as needed.
  6. Assist in reviewing applications, interviewing and selecting candidates for the DMS program.

Skills / Requirements:

  1. Experience in adult education, specifically online education.
  2. Qualifications include a record of accomplishment in research and teaching.
  3. Mature skills in execution of faculty role (test item development, objective writing, course development and evaluation, accreditation).
  4. Knowledge of PA practice competencies.
  5. Strong ability to develop and deliver course instruction.


  1. A graduate of an accredited physician assistant (PA) program.
  2. An earned doctorate (i.e. Ph.D., DHSc, Ed.D) in a related field is required.
  3. Academic credentials/experience to be awarded associate or full professor.