Job Description

Responsibilities: The Vice Dean executes and or assists the Dean in all school related operational activities including those related to curriculum, space, personnel, event planning, award presentation, annual report completion, chairs council and committee work, school strategic planning and school budgeting. Due to the structure of the Arizona School of Health Sciences all work occurs in close collaboration with the department chairs.  The Vice Dean meets with the Department Chairs weekly and follows up on priorities from weekly meetings in a timely manner. The Vice Dean is responsible for reviewing, understanding all ATSU policies and supporting the operation of the school in communicating these policies as needed. The Vice Dean plans and attends all Chairs retreats with the Dean in addition to all school wide Town Hall meetings.

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Management of daily operations for the School. Reports to the Dean on a weekly basis about operational priorities.
  2. Assists in strategic planning, outcome assessment, and annual reporting for the School.
  3. Supervises 50% of the Dean’s Office staff directly.
  4. Indirect supervision of Department Chairs.
  5. Works with department chairs and supports accreditation, new program development, program growth, and space allocation as needed.
  6. Works with department chairs and Dean in the development of external partnerships including clinical partnerships for the school
  7. Works with communications and marketing in conjunction with the Dean and department chairs on program marketing efficiency.
  8. At Dean’s recommendation, serves on student appeal committees as needed.
  9. Serves as the Dean in the Dean’s absence.
  10. Attends alumni events on an annual basis as needed in the Dean’s absence.
  11. Plans school wide alumni events in conjunction with the Dean.
  12. Other duties as assigned by the Dean.

Skills for the Position:

  1. Ability to lead, mentor, and manage faculty and staff
  2. Outstanding interpersonal and organizational skills
  3. Ability to perform duties autonomously with minimal supervision and maintain confidentiality
  4. Ability to work collaboratively across programs, within the School, and across the University
  5. Ability to allocate time effectively

Minimum Qualifications: Applicants must have:

  1. An appropriate healthcare background
  2. Five or more years of experience in higher education
  3. A PhD or related doctorate degree
  4. Eligible for appointment at the rank of Associate Professor or higher
  5. Leadership at a minimum at the Chair Department or Program Director level

Preferred Qualifications:  The preferred applicant will have:

  1. Require a terminal doctoral degree in a health sciences area
  2. A minimum of 7 years of teaching, specifically in a health professions education environment
  3. Previous experience serving in a faculty and staff supervisory capacity
  4. Previous experience developing and managing operational budgets
  5. Previous experience in the leadership and management of a health professions academic unit at the Program Director level or higher
  6. Demonstrated leadership and service within higher education and/or a relevant health professions association
  7. Demonstrated excellence as a health sciences scholar
  8. Demonstrated excellence in health professions education
  9. Previous clinical experience serving patients/clients within a profession relevant to the school