Job Description

The ATSU- Area Health Education Center (AHEC) department announces the opening of an APEX Database Administrator at its Kirksville, MO campus. This position reports directly to the ATSU-MAHEC Director and Associate Director. The ATSU-AHEC APEX Database Administrator will consult with the MAHEC administration on productivity analytics and deliver focused analyses to create insights about data trends to assist in deriving programmatic decisions. This individual will have responsibility for maintaining and managing a statewide analytic service and tools, together with leading the detailed statistical analysis of the program data for MAHEC to identify actionable insights and build predictive models. This will include statistically analyzing data sets of internal and external data and communicating the results across the MAHEC organization in a way that informs and drives the organization to implement high quality programming. 

Major Job Duties Include:

• Serves as the Chair of the MAHEC Data Management Committee
• Coordinates and manages MAHEC data collection, outcomes measurement, and reporting activities.
• Serves as a member of the statewide MAHEC Evaluation Committee
• Assists the MAHEC Evaluation Committee on program analytics and delivers focused analyses to create insights about the outcomes and to derive programmatic decisions.
• Exhibits leadership in different ways of interpreting analytical findings and recommend best practices.
• Works with ATSU Information Technology and Services, the National AHEC Organization, SLU and MU AHEC program offices, MAHEC regional centers, and a wide range of schools and other agencies to develop and maintain an effective MAHEC data and outcomes assessment system.
• Sources internal and external data to enhance analytic capabilities.
• Conducts regular audits to monitor staff production to determine trends and predict future data needs.
• Plans, develops, and write proposals for new and continuing ATSU-AHEC programs and prepare funding applications and progress reports for those programs.
• Develops custom software solutions using both SQL and the R programming language to address data cleaning, integration, and reporting procedures for the APEX system.

Job Responsibilities:

Manages and maintains the statewide MAHEC data collection and management system. Functions include:
• Maintaining the database and system for collection of data from participating schools and regional MAHEC centers on MAHEC activities and program participants and for tracking MAHEC program participants to document program outcomes (e.g., career choice and eventual practice location).
• Working with and providing expert guidance to the MAHEC Data/Evaluation Committee to assure uniform and consistent data collection and analysis across the statewide MAHEC network.
• Develop predictive models for e.g., attrition, high performance, and recruiting efficiency.
• Develop and optimize existing MAHEC reports to drive meaningful programmatic outcomes.
• Training and assisting regional MAHEC and university AHEC program staff in effectively entering program and participant data into the statewide MAHEC data system, maintaining required privacy and security of data, and generating reports from the system.
• Participates in cross-functional project activities and provide guidance and training to participants in asking appropriate questions, interpreting data, and translating into actions.
• Developing and implementing a process for auditing statewide MAHEC data system data accuracy and completeness, periodically auditing data entered into the system, and recommending changes necessary to solve any identified problems.
• Maintaining liaison with MAHEC data system external developer and technical support personnel to assure optimal functioning and periodic update of system.
• Periodically revising forms and processes for MAHEC data collection, analysis, and reporting; disseminating revised forms and procedures throughout the MAHEC network; and training MAHEC program office and regional staff on use of the revised forms and processes.
• Supporting all three MAHEC program offices as well as the ATSU Sponsored Programs Office in meeting their federal and state reporting requirements, including generating data reports, cleaning data, summarizing outcomes, and entering ATSU-AHEC’s data into the federal and state reporting systems.
• Working with KCOM Information Technology and Services staff to assure compatibility and sharing of necessary information between the MAHEC data system and ATSU data systems and appropriate tracking of ATSU students participating in MAHEC-coordinated education programs.
• Working collaboratively with the ATSU AHEC Program office Director and Associate Director, program directors and data managers of the SLU AHEC and MU AHEC program offices, staff of the seven MAHEC regional centers, and other KCOM AHEC staff in developing and maintaining an effective statewide MAHEC data collection, and outcomes assessment and reporting system.
• Trains, supervises and monitors the database-related performance of other staff members and interns in the ATSU AHEC Office who enter information into the MAHEC data system.
• Develops and maintains appropriate benchmarks with other organizations and report out on project condition changes.
• Works with the ATSU Registrar, Information and Technology Services, Student Financial Aid, and other departments to assure accurate and complete entry of data into the MAHEC data system on first through fourth year KCOM and
MOSDOH students participating in MAHEC-coordinated activities (Summer Preceptorships, Community Experiences, Interprofessional Health Partners, third and fourth year clinical rotations, etc.).
• Works with participating health professions schools, state agencies, and regional MAHEC centers to assure effective coordination and interface of data sources and systems.
• Develops, distributes, and collects data from surveys and from other sources on individuals participating in MAHEC activities and programs (including all levels of participants from elementary school students through practicing health professionals) to maintain longitudinal tracking of these individuals and to document MAHEC program outcomes.
• Analyzes data to assess cost, benefit, participant satisfaction, and outcomes of MAHEC programs and activities.
• Manipulates and analyzes large datasets using analytic features of multiple tools.
• Identifies statistical analysis techniques required to deliver insights.
• Advances the use of complex analytical techniques and statistical thinking across all program activities.
• Designs and produces routine and special reports from the MAHEC database as required for funding applications, required progress and data reports to funding agencies, periodic reports to participating schools and regional MAHECs, and internal MAHEC use.
• Works with the National AHEC Organization and AHEC systems in other states to encourage the design and implementation of consistent standards for data collection and analysis.
• Participates in a variety of regional, statewide, and national meetings to provide data and outcomes reports related to MAHEC programs.
Program Development
• Identifies and assesses opportunities for grants and contracts to provide funding support for ATSU- AHEC activities.
• Works with ATSU AHEC Program Office Co-Directors and other AHEC staff, as well as ATSU Sponsored Programs Office to plan, prepare, and submit applications to funding agencies.
• Assists in developing timetables for production of applications, implements agreed-upon timetables, and assures that deadlines are met.
• Maintains ATSU AHEC office calendar of reports on AHEC activities and outcomes due to internal and external entities and assures that reports are submitted in a timely fashion.

* Performs other duties as assigned by ATSU-AHEC Program Office Director or Associate Director.

Skills / Requirements

Four Year College Degree Required

1-2 years experience demonstrating the knowledge and skills noted below:

  • Excellent computer skills
  • Competence in and experience with developing complex MySQL/SQL queries and in developing reports from data in Microsoft Excel (including the use of pivot tables) is essential
  • Proficiency in one or more statistical programming languages (such as R or Python), Microsoft Word, and Powerpoint desired
  • Ability to manage time effectively and implement multiple projects simultaneously
  • MySQL/SQL database development and management
  • Collecting and recording information from multiple sources and organizations
  • Working with data on individual clients/program participants that requires tracking the individual and entering additional data over an extended time period
  • Writing of narrative reports, grant applications, and/or program proposals
  • Experience explaining, interpreting, and maintaining standards while dealing with a variety of individuals and organizations.

Important Notes

* Qualified applicants must send a completed ATSU employment application, resume, and cover letter to

Application Instructions

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