Job Description

The purpose of this position is to enrich student learning by helping students identify performance obstacles and strategies to improve their learning outcomes. Substantial time will be spent providing assessment of learning preferences and existing skills, and advising students on developing effective learning techniques tailored to individual needs.  Coordinating student, faculty, and staff resources, including testing services for students with accommodations and tutoring services, to enhance student performance is essential. Another key function is assisting the Technical Standards & Academic Adjustments committee in the provision of accommodations as protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Major Job Duties:

  • Provide one-on-one, individualized student advisement for improved academic performance, such as developing effective learning strategies, self-regulatory behaviors, time management skills, and test-taking skills
  • Assess student learning preferences and existing study skills
  • Assist students in developing study plans, including board exams and remedial exams
  • Recruit, train, and coordinate peer tutors, and coordinate external tutoring specialists as needed
  • Make referrals as appropriate, especially to mental health wellness counselors for students with personal, emotional, behavioral, or family issues and to disability resources for students with disabilities
  • Accept referrals from faculty and from the University promotion boards
  • Develop and deliver group presentations/seminars relevant to academic success and for promotion of Learning & Disability Resources services
  • Provide effective electronic and web-based services

Job Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate individual and group training on strategies and techniques relevant to successful learning
  • Track student academic performance, and initiate contact with students in academic difficulty
  • Serve as a student advocate and promote student awareness of available resources and avenues of support
  • Adjust schedule occasionally, available as early as 7am and as late as 6pm per student calendar
  • Enter student contacts into database in a timely manner, for service statistics reporting
  • Provide faculty and staff training when appropriate and needed
  • Maintain familiarity with University policies, procedures, and program curricula
  • Attend and participate in University training and professional development opportunities
  • Plan, implement, and assess all services in cooperation and collaboration with Learning & Disability Resources staff
  • Assist with other Student Affairs programs and tasks as requested

Important Notes

Master's degree required, in advising, education, psychology, or related field.

Prior experience with learning advising/academic counseling preferred.