Job Description

Monitor and maintain ATSU network systems.  Plan and execute ATSU network hardware and software upgrades.  Keep inventory of hardware, software, and support contracts. Provide network-related escalation support to ATSU Service Desk and act as backup support contact for Network Engineer.  Research and recommend technical solutions to meet ATSU strategic business and academic requirements. Collaborate with Network Engineer to build out and expand network capacity as required.  Work with third-party engineers to troubleshoot and support ATSU network infrastructures. Audit the security of various types of network devices and configurations such as network switches, routers, and wireless systems.  Contribute to ITS projects. Document network functions using network diagrams and video. Work with the team to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs.

Proactively monitor over 300 network systems across +15 different geographical regions and address issues as required
Maintain, verify backups, optimize, and monitor all aspects of the Cisco wireless infrastructure including Converged Access architectures and Meraki cloud services
Stay informed with developments in switching and wireless technologies by reviewing release notes and best practices on a weekly basis
Audit ATSU routing, switching and wireless system configurations for best practice and security compliance
Implement validated best practices within switching architecture
Enforce validated switch configuration security best practices
Maintain inventory of network infrastructure equipment
Inventory support contracts and report coverage holes or inefficiencies
Streamline and manage Guest network access services
Serve as primary escalation point for all wireless issues
Serve as primary escalation point for Annex building wireless links
Perform software and hardware upgrades on a broad range of network platforms and operating systems
Upgrade data network equipment to latest stable firmware releases
Manage, maintain, upgrade and plan capacity for network access layer switches
Manage and maintain high capacity multi-terabit packet capture solution for each campus
Collaborate with Network Engineer to design and expand network capacity
Communicate with support engineers from Cisco Systems and other manufacturers
Respond to requests for network adds/moves/changes
Develop and implement Dynamic Host Control Protocol configurations
Implement RADIUS authentication security configurations

Skills / Requirements

Minimum two years experience. Four year IT-related college degree or equivalent experience with networking technology.