Job Description

This position reports to the chair of the Basic Medical Science Department. The Assistant Professor is responsible for development and delivery of educational content to SOMA standards across the curriculum as assigned (lab, large- and small-group formats). 

Programs or Services:

  • Work collaboratively with other discipline experts to integrate immunology and hematology into a clinical-oriented model using clinical presentation schemes for first- and second-year osteopathic medical students.
  • Present this material with a focus on interactive small group learning environment using a variety of delivery techniques including, but not limited to, flipped classrooms, clinical problem solving, workshops and podcasts, and gamification.
  • Develop assessment tools to evaluate progress of the students and to prepare them for success on the COMLEX and USMLE boards.
  • Review and facilitate delivery of Harvard HMX- immunology pre/post matriculation modules for first-year osteopathic medical students.
  • Work with other faculty and course directors in developing integrated content delivery using innovation, best-teaching methods, and quality review cycles.